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July 2006

Deceptively small stories??

For sometime now I have got the feedback from developers, that the stories I write look small but have loads of work to be actually done and they get under estimated during the Iteration Planning Meeting. Now when I asked for a way in which I could make the story look as big as it is, I was given the idea of putting tasks in the story. I have used this method for sometime now and I find myself writing things like: TASK 1: When the user clicks “OK” an empty Word template should be uploaded to the server and… Read More »Deceptively small stories??

Communication Patterns

Incidentally my earlier post was about how Distributed Agile works. My unexpectedly long web silence was infact due to the current DA project that I am working on. One interesting thing that we get to observe is how the communication patterns change over time, amongst the local team and also with the distributed team. There are few specific things that I have observed during the last 5 months on this project, which I would like to bring up here. All of these relate to the communication that happens across oceans. OverviewLast few months I have been busy on a Distributed… Read More »Communication Patterns