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What are we doing?? – Part Three

This is what got me thinking about “What (the %*&$) are we really doing?”. Are gazillions of dollars being invested in IT, by organizations just trying to maintain their status quo? As the study shows, this is partly true.

  1. Businesses require to grow for survival.
  2. Growth requires accommodating more and more people and systems into your business.
  3. It is very natural (and useful) to be paranoid of these new people / systems.
  4. As businesses grow they have to become more or less bureaucratic.
  5. Bureaucracy requires additional processing power.
  6. This power can either be man OR machine
  7. If the business chooses to invest in machines, we, the IT guys, make some money.

So that is what we do.

We help businesses grow
…grow by overcoming their paranoia by automating bureaucracy…
bureaucracy which is only bound by the stakes…
stakes which are ever growing.

To be honest, I am still not totally convinced that this is all what software is about. What do you think?

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