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When in a inception…

Everyone is an analyst
Don’t get bound by role boundaries. Everyone needs to understand the system. Talk to the clients, ask questions, draw diagrams, make suggestions, understand problems and solve them.

Make sure everyone facilitates sessions at least once
Especially the BAs since they have to interact the most with the clients. Clients need to feel confident about the BAs on the team. Other members should also be actively involved. Don’t let a single person be the scribe all the time. The client might ask “why am I paying for this guy” at some point.

Have an intent for each session
and strive to achieve it. Have back up plans ready in case you find that your planned tools / techniques are not working for the client. Fail fast, change your approach, take a break and regroup, but make sure you get the right information out of a session.

Educate the client about the way you work
They should know what it would be like to work with you day-to-day. Clarify time commitments and kind of inputs required from your clients (suggestions during analysis of stories, showcase feedback, testing). Have special sessions that cover methodology. Offline the subject if it comes up elsewhere. It can derail your session plans easily.

Be honest and upfront
About any shortcuts you have taken, any information that you don’t have, any help that you need.

Understand each stakeholder
You should know the pressures that they are dealing with, individually. Know how you can help them.

Create. Shared. Vision.

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