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Navigating the return to office

When the world started going into lockdown, we saw an unprecedented rise in productivity from home. Talks about the “new normal” started popping up in each conversation. I was always wary of those that professed remote work to be the “new normal” because the pandemic lockdowns were too big a factor in the productivity rise we witnessed. Unsurprisingly, as the pandemic receded, most organizations started talking about “back to office” initiatives. Managers cited productivity as the main reason, leaders cited culture. Most workers, though, showed a clear preference for WFH. Most people settle on some poorly thought through middle-ground of… Read More »Navigating the return to office

The trouble with passion for the craft

“They want us to templatize our solutions”, she said. More pained than horrified by the latest stance taken by the boutique e-learning firm she worked with. About 800kms away, he was consulting for a large automotive company that was also going through a similar cycle of optimisation and standardisation. 2023 was hardly the year for craft. Both firms were full of passionate, creative people. While the tools of their trade differed, for most of them, the deeper intrinsic motivation came from the autonomy they enjoyed, in treating each problem on its own merit and to solve each in its own… Read More »The trouble with passion for the craft